Mountain Bike Eliminator to debut in T&T

Gary Acosta/Penelope Sellier
Wednesday, December 30 2015

The excitement and thrills of a Mountain Bike Cross Country Eliminator (XCE) will introduce itself on Sunday 17th January, 2016 when the Northern Rangers, Mountain Bike Kings and Trailing Edge clubs join to host the first evet XCE Trial Event here in T&T.

For those not familiar with event, the XCE mixes the excitement of the Elimination or Devil takes the Hindmost race on the Track, the tactics and format of the Keirin on the Track, the unrelenting speed of a Criterium on the road and challenging courses of Cross Country Mountain Biking all into one callaloo of a race. It is fast paced and extremely spectator friendly with short courses no more than 1,000m in length. We expect this event to be well attended and action packed!

Check out some highlights if you think we aren’t telling the truth!

What is the XCE you may ask?
The XCE course is short (500 to 1,000 meters), and includes natural and man-made obstacles. It is fast, skillful and spectator friendly. The event begins with a Time Trial qualifier, with all cyclists doing one lap of the course, setting off one at a time. The main event typically has 32 participants, which are determined from the Time Trial, with the top 32 qualifying and given bib numbers 1 to 32 according to rank. The first round has 8 heats of 4 cyclists each, which are seeded according to a specific method using rank.

Each group of 4 cyclists races one lap of the course, starting as a group. The cyclists are held up at the start with both feet on the pedals. The top 2 finishers move on to the next round, and the last 2 are eliminated. The second round (quarter final) has 4 heats of 4. The top 2 finishers move on to the next round, and the last 2 finishers are eliminated. The semi-final has 2 heats of 4, with the last to finishers in each heat moving on the small final (which determines places 5 to 8) and the top 2 finishers moving on to the final which determines places 1 to 4.

How will different age groups or categories be judged?
It is not practical to have separate events for each age category or division. Times will be provided for all participants in the qualifying Time Trial by rank. Results of the XCE will be the overall results 1 to 8. Additionally results for the XCE will be given for the top in each of the following categories that are considered to be at an age (or gender) disadvantage: Ladies, Masters 40-49, Masters 50+, Juniors 17-18, Juveniles 15-16, Tinymite 13-14

The age category results will be determined by the following criteria:
1. Who completed the most rounds in that category
2. (if more than one) the person eliminated in 3rd position has a higher standing than a person eliminated in 4th position
3. (if more than one eliminated in the same position) the person with highest rank (determined by the lowest bib number)

What happens if a rider has a mechanical failure?
If a rider has a mechanical failure such as a flat tire or broken chain during the qualifying Time Trial, the rider will be given the opportunity to make repairs and do one more qualifying run. There is no second chance for mechanical failure during heats.

Will there be a separate event for Youth Development Kids?
After the qualifying Time Trial and before the start of the first round of XCE heats there will be a mass start race for Youth Development Kids who will be judged in their respective age divisions.

What is the course?
The proposed course is at Bellerand Park in Chaguaramas (pending approval from CDA). This is the play park area on the left of the Golf Course Road going up towards the Golf Course. The start / finish will be on the concrete area in front of the bleachers. The course will run from there towards the play park, left up and around the trail loop behind the play park, through the play park and back to the finish. The distance is just under 500 meters, and is expected to take the fastest riders under 2 minutes to complete. The course will include obstacles such as bamboo logs (secured to the ground) and will take advantage of some of the drop offs from the concrete platforms in the play park area. Parking will be in the adjacent car park, and there are also toilet facilities on site.

What about prize structure and entry fee?
This is a club event being organized by volunteers so you can have an opportunity to race and try out a different type of event. There will be no cash prizes. Medals will be awarded to top finishers. The entry fees will hopefully cover the expenses (venue rental, first aid, course marking and preparation. The entry fee is $100, with YD Kids under 13 at $20.

How can I get involved?
This type of event requires more Commissaires and assistants than a typical cross country race, so if you don’t qualify or get eliminated early, we would appreciate your help. You can assist with holding riders at the start, or a course marshal. We encourage you to bring your supporters and stay on for the full event. Spectators will have a great view from the bleachers.

How can I register?
More information will be sent out within 1 week of the event date.

Want to see more?
Check out these videos as well!

Northern Rangers Mountain Bike Club [email protected]
Mountain Bike Kings [email protected]
Trailing Edge (David Hackshaw) [email protected]

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