Sellier wins River Raid 10

Penelope Sellier
Tuesday, March 8 2016

Peter Sellier (Mike’s Bikes), sponsored by Music Radio 97 won the 3 Lap Open 1 Division of the Subway River Raid 10 Mountain Bike Race in a time of 1:01:35, followed by Ryan Chin (Breakaway) in second in a time of 1:04:11 and Chris Govia (Breakaway) in third in a time of 1:04:48. Sellier has competed in every River Raid Mountain Bike Race since the first event, which was his first Mountain Bike Race, at age 8.  He has moved up through the ranks, winning his age division each year until he decided to compete in Sport Division at age 11.  At 13, he won that Division and moved up to Open 1 which he eventually won in River Raid 9 last year.

  “River Raid has always been my race” said Sellier, “It is what got me started with Mountain Bike racing, and it is one that I look forward to competing in every year”.  The top 3 Open 1 men were all riding Specialized bikes, and also share the same coach, Drew Edsall.  Ryan Mendes (Slipstream) topped the 40 plus men in the Open 1 Division and also placed fourth overall.  Carolina Lugo (Global Bikas) was the first in the Open 1 Ladies Division.

Another youngster, Enrique Pablo (Heatwave) won the Open 2 Division (Sport), the 2 Lap Mountain Bike Race and captured top honours in the Under 19 age division.  Adande Piggott (MTB Kings) came second and Scott Farfan came third.  Gabriella Gooding (Fujitsu) was the first in the Women’s Division followed by Kiyomi Rankine (Rainbow Warriors) in second and Anika Walker in third.  Two youngsters opted to compete in Open 2 for the first time.  Alec Mendes (Giants), just 9 years old and Jean-Luc James-Smith (Giants), age 11 both completed the 2 lap course ahead of many adults, and should be commended for stepping up and out of their comfort zones.

The large group of Youth Mountain Bikers were separated into 2 races, and judged within their age respective divisions.  
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