2016 Junior Pan American Track Championships

Day 1 | 27-Aug-2016 | National Cycling Centre, Trinidad

Day 2 | 28-Aug-2016 | National Cycling Centre, Trinidad

Day 3 | 29-Aug-2016 | National Cycling Centre, Trinidad

Day 4 | 30-Aug-2016 | National Cycling Centre, Trinidad

Day 5 | 31-Aug-2016 | National Cycling Centre, Trinidad

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  • Track - Class CC
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  • TTCF
  • Registration Fee
  • N/A
  • Admission Fee
  • Adults - TT$100 | Child (Under 12) - TT$50
  • Summary
  • The 2016 Junior Pan American Track Cycling Championships for the first time will be hosted by Trinidad & Tobago at the brand new National Cycling Centre in Balmain, Couva. The world class facility will host the western hemisphere's top Junior cyclists who will compete for 19 Pan American titles over five intense days of exhilirating track cycling.

    Team Trinidad & Tobago are ready to showcase themselves and talent in front of a home crowd so be sure to come out and support the Red, White & Black on our country's Independence weekend! You will not want to miss out on this opportunity!


    Tickets are available NOW online at www.ticketgateway.com and as well via the following outlets:

    Mike's Bikes - Ariapita Ave, Woodbrook
    Geronimo's Cycle & Sport - Pole Carew Street, Port of Spain
    Corkie's Cycling Centre - Maraval
    Bike Inn - Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna
    Open Road Cycle Store - Southern Main Road, Vistabella

    Tickets will be available in TWO SECTIONS:

    Tickets are priced at the following costs:
    Evening Sessions:
    TT$100 - Adults
    TT$50 - Children (under 12)
    Morning Sessions (available only on the event day at the NCC):
    TT$40 - Adults
    TT$20 - Children (under 12)

    Season tickets and those for the differently able will also be available via www.ticketgateway.com


    Coming to cheer on Team T&T? Well just your luck, our cyclists will be in action every single day! Check out the action packed event program, so come out and "Roar with Passion, Feel the Pride"


    What events can you expect to see at the Junior Pan Ams?


    SPRINT - The sprint or match sprint is a track cycling event involving between two and four riders, though they are usually run as a one-on-one match race between opponents who, unlike in the individual pursuit, start next to each other.

    KEIRIN - The Keirin is a variant of the sprint in which a higher number (usually 6-8, or 9 in Japan) of sprinters compete in a very different format. Riders are paced in the early laps by (and are required to stay behind) a derny motorcycle, which slowly increases the speed of the race from 25 km/h to about 50km/h. It then leaves the track with about 600-700m remaining. The first rider across the finish line in the high-speed (sometimes 70 km/h) finish is the winner.

    TEAM SPRINT - The team sprint (also known as the Olympic sprint) is a short distance three-man team pursuit held over three laps of a velodrome. Like the (much longer) team pursuit event, two teams race against each other, starting on opposite sides of the track, but at the end of the first lap, the leading rider in each team drops out of the race by riding up the banking leaving the second rider to lead for the second lap; at the end of the second lap, the second rider does the same, leaving the third rider to complete the last lap on his own. In the women's event, teams of two compete over a two-lap distance.

    TIME TRIAL - In the track time trial, a track cycling event, cyclists compete individually against the clock to record the fastest time over the specified distance from a standing start. The men cover 1km (4 laps) and the women cover 500m (2 laps).


    INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT - The individual pursuit is a track cycling event where two cyclists begin the race from a stationary position on opposite sides of the track. The event is held over 3 kilometres for men and 2 kilometres for women. The two riders start at the same time and set off to complete the race distance in the fastest time. They will ride on the pursuit line at the bottom of the track in order to find the fastest line. This race makes for a good spectacle as the two riders pursue each other attempting to catch the other rider that started on the other side of the track. If the catch is achieved, then the successful pursuer is declared the winner. However, they can continue to ride the rest of the race distance in order to set the fastest time in a qualifying race or a record in a final.

    TEAM PURSUIT - The team pursuit is a track cycling event similar to the individual pursuit, except that two teams, each of up to four riders, compete, start on opposite sides of the velodrome. Both the Men and the Women cover 4km with the time being taken on the 3rd cyclist to cross the line from each team.

    OMNIUM - An omnium (from Latin: of all, belonging to all) is a multiple race event in track cycling. Historically the omnium has had a variety of formats. On the track, the Omnium consists of six events, Scratch Race, Individual Pursuit, Elimination, 1km Time Trial, Flying Lap and Points Race. Cyclists receive points based on their position for the first five events. The summation of the first five events are added to all the points received in the Points Race to determine the overall winner.

    SCRATCH RACE - In track cycling, a scratch race is a race in which all riders start together and the objective is simply to be first over the finish line after a certain number of laps. There are no intermediate points or sprints. The Junior Men will compete over 10km while the Junior Women over 7.5km.

    POINTS RACE - A points race is a mass start track cycling event involving large numbers of riders simultaneously on track. It was an Olympic event for men between 1984–2008 and for women 1996–2008. Junior Men compete over 15km while the Junior Women compete over 10km. Cyclists sprint for points every 2.5km (10 laps) with the top four receiving points 5,3,2,1. The winner is the cyclist with the most number of points at the end of the race.

    MADISON - The madison is a team event in track cycling, named after the first Madison Square Garden in New York. The Madison is only competed by Junior Men and comprises teams of two who compete in a Points Race fashion. Each team can only have one active cyclist at a time and cyclists usually exchange by slingshotting each other into the race. Cyclist sprint for points every 20 laps however, the cyclist who has covered the most distance is declared the winner (ex lapping the field).



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