Farrier wins re-election as TTCF President

Gary Acosta
Sunday, December 4 2016

The Election of Officers for the new four year term (2016-2020) was definitely the highlight of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Trinidad & Tobago Cycling Federation as over 110 eligible members and club representatives were present at the National Cycling Centre on Saturday afternoon. The attendance, the largest in recent AGMs showed the great interest had in the operation of the TTCF.

Prior to the election process, the three committees; Racing, Discipline and Finance presented their reports for the year October 2015 – September 2016 to which great applause was delivered to Njisane Phillip in acknowledgement of his Olympic achievement and to the Local Organising Committee of the Junior Pan American Track Championships in August.

When it came down to the election process, incumbent President, Robert Farrier was given the nod by the electorate with a comfortable 77 to 36 margin ahead of challenger and former President (2010-2014), Rowena Williams. Under Farrier’s leadership in just two years, the TTCF has seen an exponential growth in cycling membership by 54% and also included a host of new accomplishments which included the following:

  1. First time National Track Championships received UCI sanction in 2015 and repeated in 2016
  2. First time Easter International Grand Prix received UCI sanction in 2015 and repeated in 2016
  3. First time local Mechanics received a certification course in April 2016
  4. First time local Commissaires were certified in MTB in October 2015
  5. First time in over 5 years Track and Road Commissaires were certified in October 2015
  6. First time a Continental Championships was held in Eastern Caribbean with the Junior Pan Am Championships in August 2016
  7. TTCF also won the bid to host three major championships in 2017; Elite Pan American Track Championships – August, Elite Caribbean Track Championships – August & Caribbean MTB Championships – September
  8. Approved and adopted revised Constitution in July 2016 after being worked on for the past 6 years

One of the persons responsible for the racing successes, Joseph Roberts was also re-elected after defeating Frank Gittens for the position of Vice President of Racing by a margin of 74-37. Roberts also saw his Assistant Racing Secretary, David Francis gain re-election after also comfortable defeating Roger Frontin 64-38.

The incumbent Treasurer, Janelle Celestine was also successful in being re-elected to her post after defeating her challenger, Claire Orr by a 71-36 margin while Betty Daniel was elected as Assistant General Secretary ahead of Jinelle James by a 71-35 margin.

After being unopposed for their positions, Vice President of Finance - Ian Cole, General Secretary – Jacqueline Corbin and Racing Secretary – Gary Acosta were also re-elected to their positions while Roxanne Ramnath and Joseph Baptiste were also uncontested for the positions of Public Relations Officer and Vice President of Discipline respectively.

In the final voting process for the evening, twelve names were nominated for nine vacant positions as General Council members. At the end of the process Jinelle James (43 votes), former Vice President of Finance – Richard Jiminez (38 votes), Brian Sirjusingh (36 votes), Joel Browne (35 votes), former Olympian – Robert Farrell (34 votes), Rowena Williams (34 votes), Anthony Wilson (32 votes), Jeff Chandler (31 votes) and Nicole Paul (27 votes) were elected. Jeremy Seyjagat (26 votes), Earl Charles (22 votes) and Cheryl McDonald (20 votes) were unable to secure enough votes.

At the first General Council for this Executive on December 14th, the Standing Committees for Racing and Finance will be elected.

Complete TTCF Executive (2016 – 2020):
President – Robert Farrier
Vice President of Racing – Joseph Roberts
Vice President of Finance – Ian Cole
Vice President of Discipline – Joseph Baptiste
General Secretary – Jacqueline Corbin
Asst. General Secretary – Betty Daniel
Treasurer – Janelle Celestine
Racing Secretary – Gary Acosta
Asst. Racing Secretary – David Francis
Public Relations Officer – Roxanne Ramnath

Complete list of General Council Memebrs (2016 – 2017)
1.    Jinelle James
2.    Richard Jiminez
3.    Brian Sirjusingh
4.    Joel Browne
5.    Robert Farrell
6.    Rowena Williams
7.    Anthony Wilson
8.    Jeff Chandler
9.    Nicole Paul

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