Youngsters shine at Endurance Night

Gary Acosta
Monday, February 22 2016

Take this advice, write down names such as Nicholas Paul (Breakaway CC), Jabari Whiteman (Southclaine) and Teniel Campbell (Team DPS) and do not forget them! The trio was impressive once again at the Endurance Night for the TTCF 2016 Track Series as the second night of cycling at the Arima Velodrome was action packed.

Paul took the speedy Quincy Alexander (Team DPS) to the line, losing by less than the width of a tyre in the Keirin Final while Whiteman was right behind in third. The Junior and Juvenile cyclists respectively showed great promise over the weekend as too did Teniel Campbell.

Campbell was in dominating form over the weekend as she snapped up all of the mass start events, adding the Points Race, Scratch Race and Elimination under her list of wins on Sunday night.

Kwesi Browne (Arima Wheelers) though, captured the curtain event of the night, a highly contested 15km Scratch Race which saw over 40 cyclists starting. All attempts to break away from the bunch were unsuccessful as the bunch maintained a high pace and prevented any dangerous moves from surviving. The addition of well timed $200 primes also added a bit of flare and excitement within the event.

With one lap remaining, Sei Daniel (Arima Wheelers) rushed over the top, leading out his teammate Browne. By the time Daniel opened, his lead out gave Browne a sizeable lead on a panicking peloton who were frantically trying to bridge the gap. As they came to the line, it was a neck and neck sprint between Browne and Varun Maharajh (Rigtech Sonics), but Browne did just enough to hold off his counterpart. Whiteman was once again in the mix placing a respectable third overall.

Cyril Fook (PSL) took the Masters Open Points Race in a well-controlled event, finishing a comfortable 10 points ahead of his closest competitor in Michael Brown (PSL) and Cecil Hackett (Chain Lynxs).

The 2016 Track Series concludes this weekend (27-28 Feb) with two more nights of action and exciting cycling in Arima with Speed Night on 27th from 5:00pm and Endurance Night on 28th as well from 5:00pm.

2016 Track Series I - Communique 4 - Endurance Night Results

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